A Word From the Author

I finished my book just before the worldwide lock downs began. It’s made everything written in the book even more relevant than it had been in the previous two and a half years I had been writing it. Though the acceptance of socialism has grown for many years, today some people are beginning to see it for what it really is. Though many well-meaning people hope to use socialism as a way to help others, it is often at the expense of those very people.

Those in power wield the authority provided by socialism to extend their own power, and can always justify their actions. Today, small business owners and “nonessential” employees wait in frustration as the government uses authoritarian power to restrict free enterprise. They justify such destruction by yelling science and love. But anyone that really wants to understand the truth knows this to be, not only condescending, but false. A one size fits all law for a country, or even a state, cannot accommodate such a stance and call it science. Nor should someone in a sparsely populated area wear a face mask when nobody is around. Currently, nearly everyone that has the CCP-Virus and dies, even if in something completely unrelated like a car accident, is considered a CCP-Virus related death. Is any of that based on science? Does it make sense that at a time when we need our hospitals the most our government is forcing thousands of nurses and doctors out of their jobs by not allowing them to work using their own best practices? Should someone be waiting for a major surgery die while they are waiting because their surgery is considered nonessential? Should someone be able to visit their parents if everyone in their own family are in agreement? The real question is if the individual should be free to make any decisions for themselves. But there’s no question about power. Politicians just declare themselves the powers they need to keep everyone “in line”. Nothing of what I just described is based on science. That is, unless you replace science with, “political” science. Then it makes perfect sense.

If anyone, even with no political motivation, speak up about the reality of losing their livelihood, or how little their actions affect others, or describe how individuals should be able to make up their own minds, their shouted down. Their called names like greedy, stupid, unscientific, or scapegoated as the very need for authoritarianism. Politicians leverage fear, and those closest to their own ideologies continue to follow them, while those opposed, sometimes belligerently lash out in opposition. But, increasingly, moderate individuals are looking around and beginning to see this time for what it really is in the hands of any politician… an opportunity.

Many economists believe we are on the doorstep of another depression. And like the last depression, this is an opportunity to propel this country further into socialism. The more people rely on the government for basic foods and services, the faster people will beg politicians for help, and the faster they will have complete control and power over others. I don’t mean that they’ll send brown shirts in the morning. Power comes in many forms, and this includes people groveling at another’s feet asking for help. Let’s not pretend that the lust of power is something new, it’s been around as long as man can measure time. But our leaders are a lot better at cloaking it in the guise of love and compassion. The difference is that these people need never worry… You’ll always need their help under socialism. But it’s simply a lie full of hope.